Doodle Buddy and Comic Maker

I was struck this past week by the images that my students drew in the Doodle Buddy app on the iPad. I read aloud “A Chair For My Mother” to my first grade students. We discussed all of the ways that the characters acted responsibly such as the mother saves her waitressing tips, the daughter saves half of the money she makes, the neighbors bring helpful items, the aunt makes new curtains and the uncle brings the new chair home in his pick up truck. I encouraged students to draw their favorite scenes from the beginning, middle and end of the book in Doodle Buddy, save their images on the Camera Roll, then import the images into the Comic Maker app. Comic Maker allows users to select the number of panes in the comic that is being created, import images from the Camera Roll or use a variety of settings and characters found in the app, write speech bubbles and save the comic in the app. I have included a picture that I took of two students’ comic. I like how the students told the story on words and images.
I have also done a similar lesson but read aloud to second and third graders “Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears”. Students selected a Cause and an Effect from within the story, created scenes in Doodle Buddy, saved scenes to the iPad’s Camera Roll, then imported their images into Comic Maker where they composed dialogue in speech bubbles to show the character’s thoughts and words.
I read aloud each book to a class during my 45 minute time with them then allowed them to explore with drawing favorite scenes from the book. I even exported some of their drawings to the Show Me app where I recorded students reading aloud the sentences that they had written on index cards describing their pictures. I gave the first graders a sentence that they copied and filled in using their own words: ___________ was responsible because _____________. The first graders had been working on giving supporting reasons in their writing with the use of “because” so my lesson supported their classroom teacher’s efforts too. image


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