Doodle Buddy with Kindergarteners

I have enjoyed being the Technology Teacher at my school for the 2013-2014 school year. After teaching for 20 years mainly as a third and fourth grade teacher, I have now had the privilege of working with all students in grades K – 5. One of my favorite times during the day is when I see Kindergarteners. When I walked into a Kindergarten class recently with iPads for them to use, a little girl exclaimed, “I love your gown.” Another little girl commented, “It’s like you’re Cinderella!” I was wearing a long flowing skirt. Although I didn’t perceive my outfit as a gown, apparently the children did! Their excitement to see me and discover what I will show them has been invigorating!

Kindergarteners have been drawing illustrations in The Doodle Buddy app on iPads during the last few weeks. I read aloud to them “Ten Flashing Fireflies” by Philemon Sturges, a book recommended to me by a colleague with whom I plan Technology lessons. It is an excellent picture book showing what happens when you “add one more” to your collection of fireflies.

I knew from the Kindergarten Team’s Six Week Long Range Plans that our Academic Facilitator had sent to me that Kindergarteners had been working on counting to 10 then adding on one more. I decided to show students how to create their own math problem where they would show a set of the same image then add on one more while also writing the correct numerals to identify images. They selected a stamp from the Doodle Buddy app today and stamped it on the canvas then they drew the corresponding numeral. Next, they chose a different stamp to ADD ON to their canvas and drew the number. Finally, they counted the total number of stamps and discovered the total. I was so excited to see their faces as they would either collaborate with a partner or create a stamp problem for their partner to solve. I have included a few images from my time in Kindergarten today which I annotated using the Skitch app. I look forward to using iPads in the future with Kindergarteners and watching them develop digital stories. 


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