Trading Cards app

I love when an educational app stands out as having multiple uses, especially when it’s FREE!  The Trading Cards app has been a way for me to have students reflect on a book’s events.  This app is a creation of   After reading “Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears”, my third grade students analyzed various causes and effects in the story.  I demonstrated how to use the Trading Cards app on the iPad then students paired up and used our 14 iPads to develop their own digital Trading Cards to represent the characters.  I overheard rich conversations about characters’ decisions as they built their Trading Cards.  Even though I had modeled the Problem and “An Outcome” or solution to the problem, I noticed that several students had difficulty understanding the concept of “an outcome”.  I embraced these teachable moments and posed questions like, “How do you think that the problem was solved in the end?  Did the lion’s investigation lead him to blame someone?  How do we know that the mosquito has a guilty conscience?”. These questions helped students arrive at the definition of “the outcome”. After using this app for students to describe animal characters, I now want to have them CLOSELY READ articles about famous places and create a Digital Trading Card for them.   I plan to have them explore the National Parks app by National Geographic Society, choose a park that strikes a chord with their personal interests, then create a Digital Trading Card!  After reading biographies, students can develop a Digital Trading Card on the famous person.  I could even have them create a Digital Trading Card about vocabulary words from science and social studies topics.  The possibilities are endless.  I am thrilled that my PTO is purchasing Apple TVs so that students can project their Digital Trading Cards using their iPads too! I like that this app allows students to not only create, but also critically think about the topic.  I designed this lesson so that students did not do it in isolation, but collaborated and discussed elements of the story.  They liked pressing the arrows at the bottom of Side 1 of their cards and flipping to side 2 while also choosing from assorted background colors.  I gave my students the option to draw a picture of their chosen animal in the Doodle Buddy app then import it into the picture frame of the digital card frame for a finishing touch. I placed pictures that I took of iPad screens where students had built their Trading Cards here:   Image Image


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