White House Film Festival

Discover. Play. Build.

Today I have linked with Ruth Ayres and will be celebrating the Films of the White House Film Festival.  I hope you will enjoy the other celebrations at her link up too.

On Friday, February 28, the White House Film Festival released the 16 films chosen for their first ever Film Festival.  As I posted in a previous post, my fourth and fifth grade students participated in the Festival by submitting films that they created using iMovie.  The official selections are truly a showcase of how technology is being used in our schools and how STEM invigorates students.  Unfortunately, none of my students’ iMovies were selected in the official selections, but I am pleased that they planned using Storyboard and created impressive films.  There were 2,500 submissions to the White House Film Festival, but only 16 were officially chosen.  See all of the 16 films here:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/filmfestival  I am so proud of my students’ work and feel that their films were equally as amazing as the official ones!

I am also celebrating all that is in store for me this week as I travel to Raleigh, NC for the North Carolina Technology in Education Society’s (NCTIES) Conference.  I will be presenting a variety of K-5 Technology Projects that my students have developed this year.  I have been working on my presentation for weeks and feel that I am now ready to share.  This will be my first trip to this conference.  After receiving the official app for the conference and seeing all of the presenters, I am very excited to be surrounded by a wealth of expertise.  A week from now, I’m sure my mind will be spinning with all of the amazing ideas I’ve learned.  Be sure to follow #NCTIES14 from Wednesday through Friday on Twitter to hear incredible tweets about the conference!

I am also celebrating peace after a week that wasn’t very peaceful due to some unwelcome news.  I have discovered what it means to stay in a place of intimidation or choose to have up our guard and proceed with life.  I know I’m not giving details about this matter, but believe me, God has protected my family this week and for this I am grateful.  #thankful


One thought on “White House Film Festival

  1. How amazing that your students participated in the film festival! I’m intrigued by your blog and technology savvy, so I signed up to follow it via e-mail, and now I’m a Twitter follower, too.

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