The Path To Our Dreams

It’s Day 3 of the Slice of Life Writing Challenge given by I am posting on Monday but am reflecting on words of wisdom that I heard my pastor, Loran Livingston, say on Sunday. I usually post on my blog about a technology topic, but have decided that during the month long Slice of Life challenge, I will give myself grace to just write by growing a seed idea much like what we ask our students to do. From the seed that Pastor Livingston gave me today, I crafted a poem that I will share. I used Storybird to fancy up the poem with images so there is a technology connection!

I believe that the hopes and dreams that we were born with are put there on purpose by God. There may be times in our lives when we aren’t realizing our dream due to life taking an unexpected turn. I wrote a poem considering this topic. I found images using Storybird to illustrate each stanza. The Storybird link is here:

I also included the text below:

The Path To Our Dreams
A Poem written and copyrighted by Lisa Maples

Dreams formed in me
By seeing the paths of others

Dreams focused on a goal
By careful planning on my part.

Dreams were left in a pit
By those whom I had trusted.

Dreams suddenly seemed out of reach
By the failure

Dreams waited
By the foggy roadside

Dreams emerged and danced
By trust and grace

Dreams lived and thrived
By pursuing them with all my heart.

My pastor spoke of Joseph’s journey from the pit to the palace found in Genesis in The Bible. God’s sovereign plan will come to pass, even by way of what may seem like a dead end.  He appoints times for us to be promoted.  This means that the best is yet to come.  He will advance us to the next place if we will trust in Him.

Consider where you are on your path to realize your dream. What barriers exist? Could it be that those twists and turns have occurred to strip us of our pride and cause us to wholly lean on God? I know that some days we have to cling to hope because there is not much left, but it has been on those days that I have begun to pray sincerely. God has always been with me throughout my journey. Whether in the pit or on the mountaintop, I realize that He is the one who orchestrates events so that His divine purpose for my life can be fulfilled.


6 thoughts on “The Path To Our Dreams

  1. That hole in your pocket
    where you put your dreams
    fell out
    and as I was walking by
    I saw it
    that hole in your pocket
    where you put your dreams
    so I lifted it, carefully, tenderly,
    to bring it back to you
    so that your dreams might return
    to the hole in the pocket
    where you put your dreams.


  2. Thanks for sharing this inspiration with us. I have often written “songs” or short poems while in church when certain truths have touched me deeply. As I write, I seem to internalize these truths and apply them more fully to my life.

  3. Lovely poem and great pictures to illustrate it. I liked being able to soak up the text, then use the storybird visuals to read it again. I will be trying this soon – thanks for the inspiration!

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