My Many Colored Days


This is Day 4 of the Slice of Life Challenge given to me by  During this month long challenge for me as a teacher to write a blog post everyday, I am finding writing inspiration from a variety of moments during my day.

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday and Read Across America Day, one of our staff members dressed up as the Cat and the Hat on Monday, March 3, which is her annual celebration.  She visited the classes in the school and embodied a cherished book character.   She read aloud “The Cat in the Hat Came Back” to the students who hung on every word!  I found her at the end of the day as she was preparing for her afternoon duty and asked if she would pose for a picture with me.

One of my favorite books by Dr. Seuss is “My Many Colored Days” which is written as a poem.  I shared with my third graders some samples of poetry inspired by colors from the WritingFix website at www.writing  This lesson from WritingFix is based on students having read or heard “My Many Colored Days”.  I find inspiration on all things involving writing for students at this site and highly recommend that teachers of K-8 students check out the website which is a part of the Northern Nevada Writing Project.

I showed my students several poems from a specific page at the WritingFix site at  The published students had written their poems based on the format of Dr. Seuss’ book “My Many Colored Days” and had focused on strengthening word choice and having strong idea development.  (The site has rubrics for students to use with peers to revise their poems.)  With this first week of March being Read Across America week and Dr. Seuss’ birthday, it seemed like a great day to have a go at writing our own poems using colors to describe our moods on days that we’ve lived.  I modified a prewriting planning organizer at the WritingFix site including a place for students to name their color, the emotion associated with that color, an object that will become a simile to describe the mood, an action for the object and setting  to show where they would experience the emotion. I wrote my own poem about “My Many Colored Days”.  My students came up with amazing similes and descriptions about various days that they’ve had.  They began posting their poems to their blogs too.  Here’s my poem to describe the days of my lives:

My Many Colored Days

by Lisa Maples

On my blue days
I am queasy like a child on a nonstop merry-go-round
On my orange days
I am zealous, see sunsets and revel in the majesty
On my burnt red days
I am crunchy like a fall leaf and feel like breaking apart
On my green days
I sit quietly, a grasshopper observing
On my cherry red days
I am adventurous and paint my nails OPI’s Cha Ching Cherry
On my lime green days
I cool off and let go, looking ahead
On my yellow days
I soak up sun, warming the dampness, basking in each ray
On my purple days
I am innovative, bursting forth with ideas like ripe grapes
On my magenta days
I am confident, center stage, singing a new song
On my white days
I see possibilities, a new direction
On my black days
I rest and give myself space, a cat doing her own thing
On my brown days
I calm down and hang out like a momma sloth from a branch
On my golden days
I give hugs like a bear, not wanting to let go
On my light blue days
I let myself wonder and notice, wriggling my toes in the sand at the beach
What colors could you use to describe your many colored days?

7 thoughts on “My Many Colored Days

  1. This looks like so much fun! I love the idea of blue days, especially wiggling toes in the sand – we are in a never ending winter, and summer beach days seem so far away!

  2. I loooove the part about being a momma sloth hanging from a branch. Some days are just like that and it’s great to embrace them. I loved this poem. Can I share it with my class tomorrow??? I am definitely going to get that Dr Suess book too!!

  3. Oh I love this! I have never read this book…heading to the library to find it. I love the idea of colored days. Color is so important in our lives. The kids and I talk about this often. Will add this idea to our growing collection of poetry structure. Thank you so much.

  4. Love this book and this lesson and your poem. I have this book in baby board book edition, but I don’t care. I believe it is a book that can be shared with anyone for just about any reason. Thanks for the reminder. So poignant.

  5. It was really fun for a parent discovered the book My Many Colored Days tonight. She didn’t know it existed.

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