Living a Beta Life!

I am writing today as Day 7 of the Slice of Life Writing Challenge with

During the closing keynote today at the NCTIES Conference, Adam Bellow, founder of EduClipper, crafted some wonderful gems.  I tweeted my favorite words of his all during the Keynote.  If you’d like to see them, please follow me on Twitter at @edu_maples.  The comment that has been replaying in my mind all afternoon is, “We need to live our life in Beta.  Good today.  Better tomorrow.”  Now that I have participated in three days of the conference, my mind is on overload mode, however, even with all the new applications that I have learned, I am looking ahead.  I am aware, as most people are, that the Beta Version of a website or other technology, is one that is undergoing updates and changes to fix bugs or other issues to make it even better.  I am looking to make my life even more robust by thinking of the title of my post today which is “Living a Beta Life”.  I love that I can look back on all of the notes that I took in Google Drive or in Evernote and come up with lessons involving technology and then learn from the feedback from my students. Now that I am framing my life experience in terms of it being in a constant Beta state, I have freedom to make mistakes and improve.

Adam suggested that we use as a check point for myself.  At this site, you can write a letter to yourself with a subject line and schedule a date for it to be sent.  I could see me using this to remind myself to not forget something.  Since I would be receiving this letter in the future, it would most likely surprise me because I would probably have forgotten that I sent it.  I wonder, though, if it would allow me to list my goals then when I receive the letter in the future, I could ask myself, “So how are you doing with achieving your goals?”  Life will not remain the same and hopefully I will continue to grow and learn.  Technology enhances our capacity to share, connect and learn.  Having a checkpoint by reviewing the letter is a great way to see how I’m coming along with my Beta life and to prompt me to move forward if for some reason, I would not be where I planned.  I could also see having students write future letters to themselves about their goals for the future at the beginning of the year and sending it to themselves mid year for a life review and re-calibration.

Apps will change.  Websites will change. Our ability to be flexible and watchful will allow us to embrace change and live purposefully as well as thankfully.  I will make changes to lessons, add my own twist, and allow the Beta Life mentality to become my new vision.  I might feel good today about my lessons, but they can always improve.  Good Today, Better Tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Living a Beta Life!

  1. Great concept. It was good you chose to define the term “beta” for your audience. I want to use futureme with my students. The link doesn’t work right, but I was able to google it.

  2. The idea of living a Beta life rings so true with me. I feel like I teach in such a a Beta way, I struggle to do the same thing twice. I like the idea of using Evernote like a diary of sorts for reflections. I have tried to reflect in word programs before. But for some reason, the idea of a virtual notebook still makes it more intimate, a notebook. Or maybe I just need to start printing my writing and keeping it in a binder of sorts to use to see my writing over time. You have given me so much to think about. Such is the Beta Life.

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