Playing to Read With Soccket Soccer Ball


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This is Day 8 of the Slice of Life Writing Challenge.  I am participating in 31 days of blogging sponsored by I am also linking with Ruth Ayres for her Saturday Celebration Link Up and celebrating portable energy sources!

While driving three hours back from the NCTIES Conference I needed gas for my car.  There had been snow and ice that had fallen during the night causing power to be out causing some school districts to be closed.  I stopped in one town for gas, but the pumps were not working due to no electricity.  Now, the orange gas light had been on for several miles so I began to get a bit concerned with the idea that I might get stranded if I ran out of gas.  I reached the next town and drove on the exit ramp.  Guess what?  No traffic lights were working because of no electricity.  I looked around and saw that no gas stations in the area had their signs lit and they looked deserted.  “This is not happening,” I thought.  I got back on the interstate and prayed that I would not run out of gas.  Thankfully, I reached an exit where the buildings were lit up.  I pulled in to the Sheetz Gas Station where it was jam packed with people who had also found the gas station open.

This experience of having no electricity reminded me of a device that I learned about at the NCTIES Conference.  Soccket is a ball that gains energy as it it kicked.  Then, you can plug in your phone or tablet into a USB port in the ball and charge it.  It also comes with a USB light.  Wouldn’t it be neat to buy these Socket Balls then during Recess kids would kick the balls around for fun?  When students returned inside the school they would charge their tablets!  I know that they cost $100 but wouldn’t it be nice to save money on energy costs in the future while empowering kids to empower their devices?  I would also like to see these balls purchased and sent on mission trips that my church will be taking this summer to areas of the world where electricity is uncertain or nonexistent.  I know that some remote areas of Africa have 3G phone service because of some reports that I have heard so if we could get phones or tablets in the hands of students in these areas and screencast video lessons, then access to literacy could be expanded.  Kids could charge the light to allow them to read books in homes where there is no electricity.  I think it would be neat to raise money with American Kids to buy a ball for a school or family.  Next year for the 100th day of school, I would like to develop a project like this for my school to come together and raise $100 to buy a ball like this for an area of the world where it would be needed.  To read more about the Sockket Soccer ball, read the link:

I had also been given a phone charger to carry in my purse to charge my devices if needed when I checked in to the conference as NCTIES’ gift.  I knew that I had it with me if my phone ran out of power while I was driving, but I just didn’t have a way to get myself more gas.  I just love the idea of having a power source at your finger tips to use when needed.  Having to rely on the gas station and the fossil fuel opened my eyes to the benefits of alternative power sources.

If you want items for your class such as the Soccket Ball but just can’t find the funding, why not try Donors Choose?  I know of several teachers who have funded projects for their classrooms with Donors Choose.  On Saturday, March 8, at 12:00 EST one of my favorite teachers is guest hosting a webinar on how to create a Donors Choose proposal.  I have included the link to it below.  This teacher is Laura Candler.  If you can’t watch the live webinar, she will post it on her Facebook Page.  Here is the link to the 12:00 p.m. Webinar:


6 thoughts on “Playing to Read With Soccket Soccer Ball

  1. Soccket Ball is a great idea! That would be a wonderful fundraising idea for students who already love soccer-a gift to students in another country who also live to play soccer.

  2. Wow-I haven’t heard of this & will share with my colleagues. We have solar at school now, & are often looking for ways to save energy, and also looking for good service projects. Thanks for sharing this, Lisa.

  3. I haven’t heard of either of these items. The charger for your phone or the soccer ball. I hope you were able to get gas before your car ran out. I guess I could assume that you were able to blog on your phone.

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