The Great Migration Thinglink

This is Day 11 of the Slice of Life Writing Challenge through

Yesterday I blogged about the RWT Venn Diagram app.  I used this app to have students compare two books that I had read aloud to them.  One of these books, “This Is the Rope” is historical fiction and is a beautiful first person account of how a child and her family came to live in New York City.  During the early 1900’s the family moved from rural South Carolina to New York.  After discussing The Great Migration with students and searching for resources on the subject in, and Discovery Education, I located some short films and a Discovery Education Inquiry on the topic.  I also located at the Musuem of Chicago’s website a variety of resources about The Great Migration Including a story of a family who moved to Chicago and how they dealt with the culture change.  In addition, I asked my students to write blog entries in Gaggle to describe a special object that they would want to pass down like the rope in “This Is The Rope”.  I put all of these resources together in a Thinglink.  First, I did a Google Advanced Search on an image of a rope that was “free to use, share or modify”.  Next, I imported the rope image into my Thinglink account.  At that point, I began to create buttons or nubbins on the image that had links to the videos, Discovery Education Inquiry, questions about the story and the blog prompt.  I am sharing this resource below.  I like that all of my lesson links are all in one place on my Thinglink.

The Great Migration Thinglink by Lisa Maples


2 thoughts on “The Great Migration Thinglink

  1. Liked your ThinkLink. I have some of the links opened that you listed on it and will leave them after I comment.

    There’s something about ThingLink, which I’ve only used twice, that reminds me of the webquests we used to create back in the early 00’s. It’s just one image that leads you to so many places… so much more sophisticated!

  2. This is amazing! I am just getting into technology–recently went 1 to 1 with chromebooks in my 6th grade Comm Arts class– and I LOVE this idea! I am already thinking of ways I can use this to teach and to have the kids present their own ideas. Thank you so much for sharing. I need to keep my eye on your blog!

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