Making an App

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This is Day 13 of the Slice of Life Writing Challenge with  With over 800,000 apps already created, you might think that someone has already thought of your idea for an application for your Smartphone.  Perhaps they have, but what if they haven’t?  For example, when facing a tough decision, what if there was an app that helped you weigh your options as a problem solving facilitator?  The app could include wisdom from experts and could help you veer away from making the wrong choice especially if you couldn’t talk to someone for advice at the moment.  What if when your blood pressure rose when you became agitated in an unexpected moment, the app could pick up on your BP Reading and start verbalizing calming statements or play soothing sounds to calm you down?  It sounds like I need to check in the App Store to see if there are such apps already.  If not,  I have learned that I could develop my own app, even without being a coding expert.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have an app to help diagnose why we feel certain ways? I learned from Richard Byrne, at the NCTIES conference, that some middle school children developed an app using MIT AppInventor. This app for Android smartphones is called Chow Checker and allows people to type food words then the app looks for the allergens that could be in those foods. I have included the link to the website below which explains how to develop an app and has a featured article about the middle school students who won Verizon’s Innovative App Award.

The website above says that you do not need prior experience with coding and computer programming to be able to create your own app. This is amazing!

I have even heard of teachers building their own app for students and parents to use.  You might be thinking, “Why would I want to build an app?”  Well, let me tell you, you’ll be inspired by reading the stories that describe the amazing things that people are doing by building their own apps.  Click here to read the stories:

I know that the following tools can be used by educators to create their own apps:

1.  iBuildApp

2.  MIT App Inventor

Have you ever built your own app?  If not and you have a great idea for an app, I hope you’ll be inspired to start creating!


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