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This is Day 15 of the Slice of Life Writing Challenge by Two Writing Teachers.  I am also linking with Ruth Ayres with her Celebration Saturday Blog.

This morning I attended a free webinar through SimpleK12 and discovered an amazing
Google Resource.  It is a rather new feature called the Cultural Institute and can be accessed using the following link:  I am celebrating the free resources that Google has provided and look forward to opening up new worlds for my students using the Cultural Institute!

Using the Art Museums part of the Cultural Institute Google site, you can visit art museums around the word and actually walk into and through them as if you are on “street view” like you can when you search Google Earth for a location.  I love that this Art Museum feature gives me and my students access to thousands of pieces of art that we may never get to see in person.

Using the Google World Wonders part of the Cultural Institute Google site, you can visit places like the Great Barrier Reef, Independence Hall in Philiadelphia and hundreds of locations.  I can’t wait to have my students be able to visit locations around the world via their computer or tablet.  They could research a spot in the world and visit there virtually!

Another brand new feature of the Cultural Institute is the Google Historic Moments section.  These are collections of historic moments and documents, photos, videos and personal accounts.  From just viewing the Statue of Liberty section, I am blown away by the rich resources found at the Historic Moments site.  I viewed many pictures of the piecing together of the Statue of Liberty and all of the people involved.  I am planning on sharing with my students this coming week and sharing historic moments using this site.

Finally, using Google Cultural Institute, you can also visit the White House in Washington, D.C.  How wonderful to get to see inside the halls of the iconic location that is so dear to the United States!  I visited the White House as a child when my family journeyed there, but now through the Cultural Institute, I can see the beautiful artwork, statues and get a feel of more of the room themes.


8 thoughts on “Google Cultural Institute

  1. Thank you so much for this resource! I can’t wait to look into it further. We are just beginning The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. A field trip to Egypt is now possible. Thanks!

    1. There is also a feature in Google called Google Lit Trips Reading the World. You can find a location in Google Lit Trips, save as a kmz file, then open Google Earth where you would load the kmz file. Google Earth would open up the location of your book that you had given it using the kmz file. I just learned of this resource today and hope to explore it more. I thought you might like it to look up the location in Egypt.

  2. Thank you for sharing such a great resource. I’ll have to check it out. I teach 5th grade and we cover American history, so there are definitely some places I would love for them to be able to “see”.


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