Hello/Goodbye Poem

This is Day 14 of the 31 Day Slice of Life Writing Challenge by twowritingteachers.wordpress.com.

I love the book “When I Was Five” as it contrasts life as an older child to back when life was a bit easier as a younger child. Here is a link to it: http://www.amazon.com/When-Was-Five-Arthur-Howard/dp/0152020993. I like this book as a model to introduce how to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new.   In a January 2014 post, I wrote about a flood at my house and have also used the Hello/Goodbye format to make sense of that event and the decisions that have to now be made.

After the flood we had in January it has been a challenge to carve out time to decide how to replace our kitchen floor and to determine how we could redefine our kitchen and family room. We have had multiple trips to flooring stores, not known which type of floor to choose, and basically put all decisions on hold. We are waiting on an estimate from a kitchen designer so we seem to be in a holding pattern. I wrote a poem that describes what I would like to say goodbye to and the new items that I want while also pondering the process of redefining our kitchen and family room. Here it is:

Goodbye normalcy
Hello phone tag with insurance rep

Goodbye flooded kitchen
Hello quotes from salesmen

Goodbye indecision
Hello redefined kitchen space

Goodbye old kitchen linoleum
Hello hardwood

Goodbye no space
Hello new pantry

Goodbye glass kitchen table
Hello redesigned kitchen counter

Goodbye kitchen chairs
Hello bar stools

Goodbye oak cabinets
Hello white cabinets

Goodbye having to go upstairs to use the bathroom
Hello reinstalled toilet in downstairs

Goodbye drive thru fast food
Hello homemade meals

Goodbye disaster
Hello to new beginnings

Follow this link to see another poem lesson using the Hello/Goodbye format:



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