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When MAP Testing (Measures of Academic Progress) occurs three times a year, I leave my Computer Lab class and take iPads on a cart to my students’ classrooms.  I began the morning working with first graders in an app on the iPad called ScreenChomp.  I love that it is a screencasting app that allows you to record your voice over an image that you have drawn or have imported.  While I read aloud Steven Kellogg’s book “The Mysterious Tadpole” I had my students draw characters and settings from within the book then record their voices over the picture describing the scene. The first graders enjoyed this well written example of a beginning, middle and end in picture book form.  I also had them share their recordings with neighbors.  Getting to record their voice while describing their creative drawings was motivational and thrilling for my students.  I have placed some pictures that I took below of their drawings.

I highly recommend ScreenChomp app because it has the functionality of Educreations app or Show Me app, while allowing the screen to be held by a lime green monster.  The kids like to see him hold their drawings while listening to their voices on their audio recordings of themselves.  Any child in elementary school could show what they know by recording themselves in this app.  I love that creativity is expressed using the simple coloring tools found in this app and that it records your voice!  I would imagine that conversation around the dinner table tonight will likely include my first graders’ excitement for creating with iPads today!



2 thoughts on “ScreenChomp App

  1. I love this idea – we don’t have access to iPads yet – hopefully we will someday. I’m thinking it would be very empowering for a child to be able to hear their own voice telling the story.

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