Monthly Archives: September 2014

Healthy Habits

“Would you help me?” were the words out of her mouth.  One of my former fourth graders came by my elementary school one afternoon after school began.  She’s in ninth grade now.  I taught her in fourth grade!  She looked the same, just a bit taller.  I remembered her excitement and zeal that she brought to the class.  There was always something very special about her and her ability to grasp concepts deeply.  In her quest to earn a Silver level as a Girl Scout, she now came to visit me in hopes that I could help her.

She explained her project.  In meticulous fashion, she had created a website and a Google Presentation about healthy habits for kids.  She included coloring pages that she had linked to her website to encourage young children to think about healthful foods, ways to be active and positive character traits.  I agreed to help her and share her presentation with my first and second graders.

It thrilled me that she would want my help in sharing her website with my students.  While sharing her presentation with first and second graders, I shared games that she mentioned such as “Red Light, Green Light”, “Mother May I?” and “Simon Says”.  We discussed fruits, vegetables, and athletic activities such as volleyball, dancing and active games that my school children are playing at Recess this year through a federal Move Grant.  Students then chose healthy habits to draw and left voice comments on the Screenchomp app.  They love hearing their voices played back in the app.  I love that this classroom activity had the students to share their thoughts and communicate clearly about how to have healthy habits.

I took pictures while students were using the app and uploaded them to my free Animoto account where you can place 12 images in a movie for free.  The pictures and the recordings that they made where they discussed healthy habits demonstrate that students were positively impacted by the ideas in the Google presentation and from the coloring pages images that many of them tried to emulate when they drew. I am so glad that my former student had the desire to promote health and wellness as a part of her Silver Girl Scout Award.