Monthly Archives: December 2014

Invite them to code!

Have you ever wondered how to make a digital dinosaur grow, shrink, spin and turn? Check out Daisy the Dinosaur app and join the fun. I have shared this app with my Kindergarten classes and given it as an option for my older elementary kids. The truth is, they all love it.

My favorite quote from a fifth grader today after he took a break from coding with Angry Birds at “This is the most fun I’ve had!” The child usually sits on an island position and has a daily behavior contract. I gave him an iPad and invited him to code, then watched the magic happen. He couldn’t get enough of the games. Some of my older students have gravitated to the Frozen coding option at while others have skillfully given a robot directions at Lego’s Fix the Factory app. Hopscotch has been another fantastic app for kids to explore during our focus on coding.

My Kinders also had a blast drawing pictures and labeling their computer programming codes which they had used with Daisy. The joy and excitement will hopefully lead to increased interest in coding!