Clarifying the SAMR Model

I enjoyed reading Ms. Kranenburg’s blog post about the SAMR Model. She heard Dr. Peuntedura, who developed the SAMR model for technology integration in schools, talk about the SAMR model and shared some suggestions that he gave. She gave me permission to Reblog her post here.

Ms. Kranenburg

This past week I had the privilege of listening to Dr. Rueben Peuntedura speak at Lambton College in Sarnia. The College graciously invited a group from LKDSB, I was very pleased to be included in this group.

Over the past few years visual representations of the SAMR model have been strewn across my office desk, as I have grappled with the task of maximizing the impact of using new technology with my students. Initially, the SAMR model provided the structure that I needed to come to terms with how I could integrate iPads in my primary classroom. In the early days of iPad use in my program I would refer to the model as frequently as I did the curriculum; ensuring that I remained focused on the academic goal. With all the flashy apps available, I feared it would be too easy to get off track.


Fast forward a year…

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