Welcome to “Teaching with Technology”, a home for teachers and other people doing remarkable things with instructional technology. I’m Lisa Maples, wife, mom, teacher and Believer. I teach 1,100 K-5 students in Charlotte, NC where they become digital storytellers, digital citizens and coders.  In all, I have taught for 26 years in North Carolina mostly as a third and fourth grade teacher.  I write two blogs (the other one being about faith and family). Over the past years I have learned by studying mentor teachers, reflecting on my teaching practice, interacting with teachers online and offline in Professional Learning Communities and noticing my students’ progress, but my next technology quest is just around the bend.

The purpose of my blog is to share my stories of how to use STREAM lessons to positively impact students while also helping teachers at the same time.  In my effort to share my experiences, I focus on three areas:  Lessons, Professional Development and Inspiration.

A little more history, just in case you’d like to know…

My passion for learning launched me into doing digital projects with my students as a fourth grade teacher during the 2011-2012 school year.  After being a classroom teacher for twenty years to third and fourth graders, I took a leap into teaching technology all day long during the 2013-2014 school year!   As I discover resources and design lessons, I would like to share them and my reflections on my blog.  I named it “techencounter” because I don’t view technology as passive but rather a tool to use with students allowing them to encounter dynamic spaces and become creators of content rather than just consumers of technology.   For the seasoned teaching veterans, you may remember the days of using the Hyperstudio software.  During my fourth year of teaching in 1995-1996, I introduced my third graders to Hyperstudio.  They researched Native American tribes, took notes based on various categories, then shared the information by creating a Hyperstudio video full of transitions, animations and information.  Their motivation to collaborate, communicate, critically think and create was evident throughout the project.  Even though it has been 24 years since I first “tried technology” with my class, my initial passion in using technology has been reignited by the digital choices that I introduce to my students on computers and iPads.  I am inspired by the quality of my students’ work and look forward to sharing with you!

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