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Going into the Deep End with News-O-Matic and Skitch!

Second graders at my school have studied weather topics this year.  As a way to build a global weather understanding, I had students read weather articles found in the News-O-Matic app.  I like that this app has not only articles of high interest from around the world that can be read aloud to readers, but it has slide shows, videos, definitions and a lot more.  My students read about the cyclone that hit Yemen in October of 2015, saw the flooding and realized the effects such as the food and fuel supplies being wiped out.  They also read about how the World Health Organization is sending relief kits and fuel to help hospitals stay open.image

I introduced the second graders to another versatile app called Skitch where they were able to write about what they had read about.  They took a screen shot from the News-O-Matic slide show and used that image in Skitch.  They chose colors for fonts and began the process of writing about the article.  I have included some images of their work.  They only had about 20 minutes to work on this project after I demonstrated how to use the apps by mirroring my iPad on my big screen using my Apple TV.


imageI set the work time up so that each table had two iPads.  Both students opened the News-O-Matic app then they decided on a picture to use from the slide show about Yemen.  One student took the screenshot and did the typing in the Skitch app, while the other partner kept open the Yemen article to refer to and use


I like using technology as a way to augment what has typically been a paper and pencil assignment, but I also like to dive deeper into the SAMR pool and modify or even redefine an assignment using technology as a tool.  SAMR stands for four stages of technology integration:  Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition.  The lesson that I have described above substituted a paper article for a digital article.  I moved on into Augmentation as I encouraged students to type sentences that described the cyclone in Yemen in the Skitch app while working collaboratively with a partner.  As we continue to read other articles in the future and do a collaborative Skitch, I will have students take screenshots of their Skitch and upload it to their Google Accounts since we are a Google Apps for Education School.  I am even thinking of having students upload their Skitch creations about global topics to a Padlet which would transform the assignment to the Modification level because students would be able to read other students’ Skitch creations online and give feedback.  I could post a link in my website to the closed Padlet once all student have uploaded their Skitch for the world to see which would take this assignment to the Redefinition Stage!  When an assignment can be shared with a global audience, it has been transformed from what could have just been a paper/pencil task, to one that provides a large audience, even reaching all over the world.  To learn more about how to transform assignments in the SAMR pool and see Padlet examples, I invite you to view the Smore Digital Poster at the following link:

My students will also use Skitch to publish character graphic organizers about characters that they’ve read about.  I think that those Character Skitches will be another post on another day!  How have you used News-O-Matic or Skitch?