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Celebrations of Comfort and Joy

One of the benefits of being a teacher is having a long Winter Break.  During this time off, I have felt such peace, comfort and joy in my heart.  I want to share a couple of the moments when I celebrated comforting peace and joy.

Visiting my home church in Greensboro, NC – I was raised singing the hymns of the Christian Faith.  As a child, I loved to hear my mother harmonize and sing the alto part of these hymns.  On December 22, while standing next to my mom in church, she started harmonizing during the chorus of “O Come All Ye Faithful”.  As I sang soprano alongside of her, I felt such warmth and peace flood into my soul.  Not only were the words of the song uplifting, but just being with my parents and hearing my mom sing was the beginning of a celebration of peace.  Another precious saint, Sandra J. was singing harmony right behind me.  I also love to hear her voice and recalled memories of Sandra singing in church through the years.  Hugging Sister Broach, my childhood Sunday School Teacher, again showered me with such comfort.  I just felt a special peace while hearing Pastor George deliver the hopeful message.  The visit to Greensboro gave me the chance to connect with those who have meant so much to me during my life.

Last night, my husband and I took our children to see the movie “Frozen”.  Prior to the movie, we ate pizza at a great spot, TRUE Pizza, near the theater.  We bundled up and walked to the movies after our tummies were full and laughter rose from our table.  Smelling the popcorn and using gift cards to buy the tickets gave me great comfort.  We loved the movie!  When it ended, all of the small children who had packed the room with their parents, clapped.  Who doesn’t like a good story, right?  I told one of my children later at home that I loved to hear her laugh during the movie.  As I tucked her in at bedtime I mentioned, “Did you know that the Bible says that a joyful heart is good medicine?”  She replied, “A joyful mama is good medicine too!”  Wow!  I began to realize that I had felt so much joy during the Winter Break and that I must be reflecting that joy back to my children.  Note to self:  choose joy because people notice!

My hope is to nurture comfort and joy both at home and at school.  During January, I am excited about having my first graders publish their How To Writing at the Bookemon website this coming week at http://www.bookemon.com.  I want their writing voices to be heard.  Just as I revisited the amazing people at my parents’ church in Greensboro, my students will be able to reread their published books anytime they want during their lives.  Being a writer will allow my students to build unique memories and develop their feeling of accomplishment which leads to joy.