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“Show mine!!!”


This past week I asked my Kindergarten students to use the  Doodle Buddy app to stamp groups of ten objects and label each row.  I recently got an Apple TV which allows me to share students’ work on the iPads on my big screen.  When pairs of students finished creating as many rows of ten as possible, I would say, ” Would you like me to show your work on the screen?”  Every group would say, “Show mine!”  The ability to choose the Airplay function on the students’ iPads allowed me to share their work.  We all like a little recognition, I suppose, so the faces of the students whose iPads I showed beamed when their work was displayed.  I could see that some students were labeling their second row of 20 as “11” and the third row of ten objects as “13” where the number three was written backwards.  I was able to help these students count the stamps on their second row and then rewrite the number “20” at the end of the row.  Their misconceptions helped me to know how to guide them to a correct way to label groups of twenty objects, thirty objects, etc.  Using Doodle Buddy’s features is an effective way for students to demonstrate their understanding of math.  I loved that my students wanted me to share their work because they collectively contributed to their ongoing story of how counting objects works!


I also received a nice compliment this week when my bulletin board in the school hallway was chosen as “Bulletin Board of the Week”.  I had showcased my students as they presented their Haiku Decks about a topic of their choice and as they gave mini Ted-like talks to deliver their presentations.  I had also printed some of their written comments that they had typed in Socrative, a free app that allows students to give teachers comments as exit tickets.  If you would like to read more about this project, please reference my October 2013 blog post.  I was thrilled that my board was shared with the staff in the weekly letter that my principal sends as being as good one.  There are so many reasons to celebrate students’ work!